Aviemore Indoor Climbing Wall

Welcome to Extreme Dream Scotland’s Ultimate Activity Centre. We have an unbelievable program of indoor activities for everyone – from taster sessions, inductions, to coaching. Our exciting outdoor sessions include crazy caving, river raiding to Jumping off bridges.

Please watch our promotional film above to see a selection of our activities.

NEW at Extreme Dream – Climbing Wall Award Training & Assessment. See here for more details.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES at Extreme Dream – See here for more details.

NEW at Extreme Dream, we now build fantastic training walls, school traverse walls and full size walls to bespoke requirements. Visit our website for more details:

Monday 7th April : 9am-10pm
Tuesday 8th April : 9am-10pm
Wednesday 9th April : 9am-10pm
Thursday 10th April : 9am-10pm
Friday 11th April : 9am-10pm
Saturday 12th April : 9am-5pm
Sunday 13th April : 9am-5pm



Our aim at Extreme Dream is to provide you with ‘full sensory overload and satisfaction’ from start to finish. We have designed the centre to be the social and recreational hub of the area looking after all your adventure needs.

click for larger imageWith the assistance of Fleming Muir Architects of Prestwick we are pleased to present the ultimate 3D walk through building model for you to view rotate and explore like never before. Here you will find all our facilities and surfaces in Virtual World before you even visit.

Fly By Model

We are dedicated to ensuring a high quality experience that we hope will enhance your climbing indoors and outdoors through our varied panels and high quality route setting. We are open to suggestions and welcome comments on routes, facilities and service at all times, offering a swift resolution and reply to customer queries and questions.

Rubber Crumb SurfacesClimbing Wall

Extreme Dream are installers of quality Wet Pour Rubber Crumb Fall Surfaces in all colours as well as gravel, bark and tiles anywhere in Scotland and the UK.

Below 600mm it is not a legal requirement to have a fall surface of any type, although it is recommended by ROSPA and Extreme Dream. These can often be as expensive as the wall itself, but do afford reassurance. Where holds are fitted above this 600mm limit it is essential. Different depths are provided dependant on potential falls from height and the resultant Head Impact Criteria.
Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Black or Colour EPDM Wet Pour Rubber Crumb is versatile and long lasting and can fit into or around awkward or interesting shapes. Numbers, letters, paths and shapes in various colours can all be included at installation. We are pleased to provide quotes with or without traverse walls included anywhere in Scotland and the UK.

Climbing Wall Construction

Indoor Climbing Wall Construction in Scotland, England and Ireland.

Indoor Climbing Walls have revolutionised the sport allowing climbers to train all year round. The rise in participation numbers and training facilities has meant a massive increase in climbing standards. Otherwise known as Sport Climbing – indoor climbing has become a competition sport in the disciplines of lead and bouldering and will soon become an Olympic Demonstration Sport.
School Traverse Wall Builders

At Extreme Dream we are masters of wall design and space maximisation. We have our own Indoor Wall in Aviemore that not only produces National Winners, but is the Manufacturing hub of our Unique Indoor Rock Climbing Holds, School Traverse Walls and Full Size Indoor Climbing Walls. Operating our own wall gives us a special insight into the demands made by users of modern walls, the necessary design features and training elements required to work with best up and coming talent, and to hold National Competitions.

School Traverse Walls

School Traverse Walls are covered in bright rock climbing holds that challenge kids mentally and physically. Traverse Walls are more challenging and sport orientated than traditional Playground Equipment. Many of the aims of the Curriculum for Excellence can be achieved with our walls and Climbing is a Lifelong Participation sport and doorway to the Outdoors.
Traverse Wall Builders, Scotland

Utilised for Core, Standard, Higher or GCSE PE at Secondary level climbing is an invaluable tool and excellent, exciting alternative sport that can be used to study aspects of sport and fitness. Importantly they are very good value for money. We are experts in our field that have supplied over 70 walls and got 13,000 kids climbing in the last year!

Adventure Activities Aviemore

A big welcome to Extreme Dream, Aviemore – born in the Highlands of Scotland to provide unique outdoor adventure activities that explore the very best of the Cairngorms National Park.
Outdoor Activity in Scotland

The Cairngorms National Park is an outdoor adventure paradise. Located in the heart of the Highlands of Scotland, the Spey Valley is surrounded by beautiful high mountains, rivers, wildlife and whisky! As an activities destination Aviemore has the very best of it all, Rock and Ice Climbing, Indoor Climbing Walls, Bouldering, Abseiling, Mountaineering, River Rafting, Skiing, Mountain Biking, High Ropes Courses, Hill Walking, Canyoning, Paddling.

Join us on River Raider’s or become a Mad Monkey, both great adventure activities for families, adults or kid’s parties. School and youth groups, corporate groups, Stag and Hen groups on day trips, weekend breaks or holidays – we can give you it all!